Screenwriter Catalog

Short Film

  • A Childhood Lost 2014 (Children/Anti-Bully) “Inspired by the heartfelt memoir ‘I Believe In Me’ by Young Christopher Hopson. ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ navigates the journey of self-discovery and resilience, encouraging audiences to question the barriers that prevent genuine connections.

Feature Film

  • Phoenix Ascending (Drama) 2024, In the aftermath of losing her son to gun violence, Movita Johnson-Harrell transforms into a relentless activist, yet her path darkens as she becomes entangled in a political war. Facing charges stemming from misguided business advice – rather than criminal maliciousness – she makes a gut-wrenching decision to plead guilty, sacrificing herself to shield her family from the storm of systemic failings.
  • A Christmas Prayer, (Family, Drama), 2024
    Michelle’s unfulfilled life takes a powerful turn after receiving an email, pushing her into prayer to make the best decision for herself, and not her family. Inspired by True Events.
  • When Lies Unfold (Crime, Suspense) 2024
    After a dark secret is revealed, Carrie is forced to devise a plan to save her daughter who is engaged to the enemy.
  • The Greenbriar Project (Horror/Thriller) 2021, In the affluent outskirts of Philadelphia, the Williams family’s new home becomes a haven for a malevolent supernatural entity. As seemingly harmless incidents morph into nightmarish encounters, the family is thrust into a spine-chilling battle to protect their daughter from the sinister presence that lurks within the shadows of their house.   (Work For Hire) 
  • Doggmen, (Drama), 2014,  “In a quest for wealth, five childhood friends forge a pact, leading one to commit a heinous crime for success. As they unravel the bitter truth, the ‘doggmen’ stop at nothing to settle the score for their friend’s murder, leaving nobody safe in this gripping tale of betrayal, deception, and unleashed vengeance.” (Work for Hire)

Producer Catalog

Producer Credit

Wake Up Call, (Action) 2024
Executive Producer
Micah’s routine life takes a sharp turn after a car crash, pushing him into an unexpected journey of self-awakening. Inspired by True Events. (In Production)

Red Light, (Action/Crime) 2023
Associate Producer
When women are no longer seen as human, they are captured and trafficked as products; one sometimes puts up a fight, deeming her a Red Light. (IMDB registered)