Screenwriter Catalog

Theatrical Productions

  • Get Out Of Your Own Way, (Drama/Suspense), 2018, “Coerced to finally telling the truth of her rape, Carrie is forced to disrupt lives to save her daughter.
  • Testify, (True Story/Biopic) 2018, “A shocking, true story of Deborah Rose’s sexual abuse and a 10-year journey chronicling the journey from a happy childhood, to becoming a sex slave to highly decorated and respected Philadelphia police officer. (Work for Hire)
  • Olivia, Lost & Turned Out, (True Story/Biopic),2016, Inspired by a true Story of Stacy Minor, witness the journey of a girl who was molested, abused and then turned on to drugs and prostitution to cope. Does she allow her past to keep her voiceless and bitter or does she face her parents and tell her story as a means to break free and save herself? (Work for Hire)
  • Til Death Do Us Part, (Romance/Drama), 2015, “For twenty-year-old Caryn, a chance encounter with Bernard becomes the unexpected gift of a lifetime. As their relationship unfolds with its highs and lows, Caryn’s world is turned upside down when she discovers the shocking truth behind Bernard’s secret life. ” (Work for Hire)
  • Why Can’t We Be Friends, (Children/Anti-Bully), 2013 “Inspired by the heartfelt memoir ‘I Believe In Me’ by Young Christopher Hopson, ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ navigates the journey of self-discovery and resilience, encouraging audiences to question the barriers that prevent genuine connections.
  • Living Your Life, (Drama), 2012, “After 25 years of putting her dream on hold to maintain the family’s reputation, Michelle Richardson, a successful mother and wife, decides to pursue her lifelong passion for poetry against her husband’s wishes. Faced with disapproval, fights, and a difficult choice, Michelle must navigate the turbulent journey of choosing between her dream and her marriage.”

Short Film

  • A Childhood Lost 2014 (Children/Anti-Bully) “Inspired by the heartfelt memoir ‘I Believe In Me’ by Young Christopher Hopson. ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ navigates the journey of self-discovery and resilience, encouraging audiences to question the barriers that prevent genuine connections.

Feature Film

  • Phoenix Ascending . (Drama) 2023, Ascending Inspired by a true story, a resilient woman becomes committed to curbing gun violence only to find herself forced to plead guilty to a crime she did not commit.
  • The Greenbriar Project (Horror/Thriller) 2021 The Williams and their daughter have recently moved into a lavish home in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where a supernatural presence currently resides. Though the manifestations are minor circumstances at first, events soon escalate in a hideous manner, leaving the family to protect their daughter.   (Work For Hire) 
  • Doggmen, (Drama), 2014 “In a quest for wealth, five childhood friends forge a pact, leading one to commit a heinous crime for success. As they unravel the bitter truth, the ‘doggmen’ stop at nothing to settle the score for their friend’s murder, leaving nobody safe in this gripping tale of betrayal, deception, and unleashed vengeance.” (Work for Hire)