Slay Your Legacy: 9 Keys To Manifesting The Life You Want


They say, “A family that prays together, stays together”, but what about a family that writes together, WINS together.

In 2015, award-winning author and playwright Charron Monaye accepted the challenge and birthed her greatest legacy, Pen Legacy Publishing. She relied on everything she knew about the literary industry and passed the torch coaching and publishing new authors within various genres. In 2020, some of her authors has joined forces to celebrate the success of a winning company.

Slay Your Legacy: 9 Keys To Manifesting The Life You Want is a thought-provoking book of stories that will inspire you to pursue what you desire. These nine women have joined forces to share their testimonies of living life after betting on themselves. These women may be authors with Pen Legacy Publishing, but since releasing their first book, they are now profitable entrepreneurs, award-winning authors, result-driven coaches, and breath-taking speakers.

Journey with them as they demystifies the concepts of manifesting and attracting by teaching you that practical personal development, a strong family unit and deep rooted commitment is the guaranteed requirement to attract success.

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